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Each year the Society for American Baseball Research holds a contest that’s part bar exam, part National Spelling Bee.  https://lat.ms/31wcWCe 

The contest is not for the weak, but even the strong could do nothing but shrug at this question: Which two Hall of Fame players died on the same day?  https://lat.ms/31wcWCe 

So you think you know baseball? This is not the benign trivia that flashes on the video board at Dodger Stadium. This is as if the masochists running the bar exam or the National Spelling Bee had invaded the national pastime.  https://lat.ms/31wcWCe 

Most end the contest in the same way: saying the same four words recited each autumn by fans of every team but the one that wins the World Series: Wait until next year.

Read more from @BillShaikin on the Baseball Trivia Contest.  https://lat.ms/31wcWCe 

Can you measure up to the world’s toughest baseball trivia? Take our quiz:  https://lat.ms/31wbzUb 

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