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Bahrain is the "B" in the BRUISE (Bahrain, Russia, UAE, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt) conspiracy, which in Proof of Conspiracy I call the "Red Sea" conspiracy, as it was begun on a yacht on the Red Sea.

Trump can readily negotiate with MBS (Saudis) and MBZ (Emiratis) via Bahrain.

1/ Not surprisingly, Giuliani has been a chief emissary between Trump and several of the BRUISE countries ("Bruisers"?), including Bahrain and Israel. Remember that Trump's collusion requires a *very* small network of allies who are fully "in the know." For Trump, it's about ten.

2/ In 2016, the (American) ten were:

Trump Jr.

There were other Americans on the outskirts (e.g. McFarlane, later McFarland, Gerson, Broidy, Pecker, Hook, and others) and foreigners like Zamel, Dermer, al-Otaiba.

3/ All were either friends who'd never snitch as they already know Trump is a criminal (Barrack, Giuliani), family (Kushner, Trump Jr.), foreign agents (Prince, Nader, Flynn, Broidy), criminals recommended by friends (Manafort, Gates, McFarlane), or desperate ideologues (Bannon).

4/ As some of these folks have been arrested (Flynn, Manafort, Gates) or put under investigation (Barrack, Kushner, Trump Jr.), Trump has relied on the still-"clean" friends (Giuliani) and new stooges like Pompeo and Hook. But the whole group is under 20 in size. So, very small.

5/ We've seen that Trump is regularly surrounded by dozens (even scores) of enablers, so the idea that his innermost circle of enablers and (in many cases) criminals and other rogues would be able to help him effectuate clandestine foreign collusion(s) is not much of a surprise.

6/ Those who've rejected Trump, like Comey, have reported that from the moment you meet the man he's testing you to see if you're corruptible. He only wants to be surrounded by people who can be corrupted and who are willing to keep his secrets and possibly commit crimes for him.

7/ You can be certain that if Trump allows there to be another National Security Advisor during his administration, it won't be someone he must publicly place outside his circle of trust, like Bolton, but someone who has proven themselves deeply corruptible, like Pompeo or Hook.

8/ The simple way to explain Bolton's tenure as NSA is that he came aboard the Trump administration long after Trump had reached certain understandings with certain foreign parties, none of which Bolton had been a party to or approved of. He was on the outside from the beginning.

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