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Imagine what our world would be like, if wealthy powerful men knew this was the inevitable outcome for behaving like Harvey Weinstein.

Suppose we started proving it to them.

Harvey Weinstein's "whole life" was built on abusing vulnerable people; its ruination is to be hoped for.

It's a good start.

Yes, and what if we stopped letting the Weinsteins of the world rise in the first place?

The racist comic lost SNL? Aw. Sorry bro. Better early than later. Hate has consequences now; it's a new thing we're trying.

Comedy is timing, you know.

Welcome to a new world of actual standards.

A pool where everyone can swim, except sharks.

Imagine it.

And ... if you don't like signs we're trying to create a world with room enough for everyone except predators and assholes to rise, maybe ponder that.

Give it a good think.

The only way we get out of it is by not only supposing better is possible but by demanding it everywhere we see it.

We can make any world we want.

Step one is to want it. I think most of us are there.

Next we have to believe it's possible.


We insist on a world that honors the essential humanity of people, optimized against abuse and greed and corruption rather than for it.

"Ruining the lives" of predatory abusers in the court of public opinion and through legal proceedings is the moderate position.

Where is the mercy? I'll tell you.

I think Harvey Weinstein should be treated with respect by the legal system, by the police, and by the prisons. At all times they should respect his physical person and his human dignity—as should all people. ALL people.

Where is the mercy? I'll tell you.

If Weinstein loses every penny, every piece of property, I think he should still have a roof over his head, food, clean water, a bathroom, medical care, and respect for his physical person and his human dignity—as should all people. ALL people.

Where is the mercy? I'll tell you.

Weinstein should never have to choose between his home and medicine for his son. He should never have to choose between his retirement and his daughter's education. He should never fear family separation—nor should any people. ANY people.

Mercy isn't forgiving a monster on behalf of his victims.

Mercy isn't restoration without reparation.

A world of mercy demands the ruination of any life built on human misery—which will compromise some sort of benefit for most of us.

So let's get started.

And by the way ...

... this is more on me than on most. We'll all change this together, but the more a world built on privilege benefits you, the more responsibility you bear to change it.

Not a hard lesson. It's a resonant moral, but simple enough for a comic book super-hero.

I know you do. 💚💙💜

And exhaustion isn't moral failing, so take care of yourselves and get rest where you can.

I've got a trunk full of unfairly-bestowed social privilege and I've got plenty of tread on my tires. If you're tired, I'll drive a while.

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