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In a recent active shooter training, a “gunman” began firing in a classroom with a Nerf gun. Two people seated at desks jumped up and rushed the perpetrator, pinning his legs and arms against a wall, while everyone else sprinted out. @kurtisalee reports:  https://lat.ms/304XGyV 

This exercise is part of a $700 active shooter training course offered by the ALICE Training Institute that provides courses for educators, church workers and employees concerned about how to react in case catastrophe strikes.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJSCuIRFbi8&feature=youtu.be 

Unlike standard shelter-in-place advice, many trainers now encourage bystanders to run and fight back. Companies like ALICE acknowledge the potential of death or injury, but say that declining to act can itself carry grave risks.  https://lat.ms/304XGyV 

Some analysts disagree with this approach. One expert said that if schools urged all students to evacuate, their movements could delay police. Barricading doors could alert a gunman to an occupied classroom.  https://lat.ms/304XGyV 

ALICE contends its techniques work, citing a 2018 case in which a teacher wrestled to the ground a student with two handguns. The teacher was shot but survived. “You always have options,” one instructor said.  https://lat.ms/304XGyV 

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