MIT Technology Review @techreview A media company making technology a greater force for good. Get our journalism: Sep. 18, 2019 1 min read

.@HaoLi81 has spent his career perfecting digital trickery. Now the world’s top deepfake artist is working to confront the problem of increasingly seamless off-the-shelf deception. #EmTechMIT 

.@_KarenHao: What was the weirdest deepfake request you've ever received?

@HaoLi81: Probably @techreview. (it was a deepfake livestream of Vladimir Putin here at #EmTechMIT)

.@HaoLi81, who was inspired by @Pixar and the special effects of Lucasfilm, on the risk deepfakes:

“I don’t think we should stop what we’re doing ... It’s not the technology that causes the harm. There are other factors there ... But we have to be really careful.” #EmTechMIT

"You don't need deepfakes to spread misinformation" - @HaoLi81 #EmTechMIT

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