The biggest problem with writing education: We focus too much on grammar.

Teachers focus on grammar because it's easy to grade.

The REAL problem is that people don't know how to identify and refine interesting ideas.

That's the #1 challenge for 90% of writers.

Problem #1: Finding interesting ideas

Problem #2: Psychological hurdles. Writer's block, imposter syndrome, and fear of judgment are the biggest ones.

Solve these and you're 99% done.

The school system ignores the TWO BIGGEST PROBLEMS.

That's why people can't write.

Here's the secret of writing education: Teaching writing has almost NOTHING to do with writing.

Before people can write, you have to teach them to:

1. Find interesting ideas.
2. Put those ideas on paper.
3. Remove fear and anxiety, so they can publish.

Grammar comes last.

If you want to improve your writing, here's a syllabus for you.

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