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The politics of regulating facial recognition... oh boy. #EmTechMIT

Debating the ethical implications of facial recognition technology are @Daragh_Murray, @mutalenkonde, and @yi_zeng. #EmTechMIT.

Here's some reading for you as they debate... #EmTechMIT

The @AINowInstitute published a report in December that urged the US government to regulate facial recognition technology because it represents a key challenge for society and policymakers. #EmTechMIT 

The city of San Francisco already has, but its ban on face recognition technology doesn’t extend to private companies. #EmTechMIT 

London is the most surveilled city in the world, but… 

And we can't talk about the politics of facial recognition without bringing up China. #EmTechMIT 

... as well as what's happening in Hong Kong. #EmTechMIT 

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