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If you go to my blog and look for "impeachment" you'll see lots of threads addressing this mischaracterization of Pelosi's words and position.

The link is in my profile.

About my blog, for new followers.

Once upon a time, about a year and a half ago . . .

1/ . . . I thought I'd write a book called How Trump Happened.

I got the idea to tweet my research as I did it. Someone told me, "You can't express complex ideas on Twitter."

I learned to embed threads in other threads and thought, "Ha. I could write a dissertation on Twitter.

2/ I read lots of books, tweeted out lots of threads, lost interest in writing the book, and decided to spent the year volunteering as a voter protection lawyer (I've also spent time volunteering in a detention center in Texas).

I had been storing all my research . . .

3/ . . . on a Wordpress offline website, because I don't know how to use databases, but I know how to use Wordpress.

When I decided not to write the book, I decided to make all my research public as a service.

I made the Wordpress site pretty and put it on line.

4/ When the crisis is over and democracy is safe, I think I'll write a novel, a multi-generational family historical American saga.

Maybe you'll all still be following me.

My blog with all my threads is here:  https://terikanefield-blog.com 

Adding a biographical note: I decided to go to law school during the Clinton Senate trial. I was transfixed. At the time I was teaching college English.

A distinct memory: If I had to turn off the radio for a few minutes, I always knew the moment I turned it back on . . .

. . . from the tone of voice whether it was a Republican (yelling and obviously shaking a fist) or a Democrat.

First thing I noted at the Lewandowski hearing was that same difference in tone of voice. Lots of yelling from the Republicans.

I kept wishing I understood . . .

. . . the constitutional issues.

And here I am, on Twitter, in another impeachment proceeding, writing legal explainers.

Answering this question👇

Here's a strong possibility. There will be a Democratic sweep in 2020, like 1933 . . .

. . . lots of changes will happen. Think New Deal.

The ship be moving forward again.

Progressives will say "we're on our way! Nothing to worry about!"

They'll stop paying attention. Again.

Then the reactionaries will grab the helm and turn the boat back around.

And we'll be going backwards again. Like now.

Because history doesn't repeat. But it often rhymes. (Attributed to Mark Twain.)

Reactionaries will always be with us, trying to turn the boat around and take us backward.

So we have to keep paying attention.


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