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Chinese internet protectionism at its finest.

"Zoom users in the country are moving to the localized version, run by partner Huawan Telecom. Local media reported that Huawan received a heads-up before the block, & required employees to switch to the local version to ensure normal communications."  https://technode.com/2019/09/19/chinas-zoom-users-switch-to-local-version-after-blockage/ 

"China requires communication tools for local enterprises to run services on domestic servers. The government could not locate Zoom’s server, according to the source." I wonder what Zoom was doing to mask their Chinese operations. Not unheard of w/ VPNs of course, but interesting

The China tit-for-tat is a story on a much longer horizon, and the VPN provider firewall avoidance is on a different level, but it's worth remembering Telegram's domain fronting that took down the cloud providers. I wonder what Zoom was deploying. Why now?  https://www.fastcompany.com/40568177/amazon-and-google-bow-to-russian-censors-in-telegram-battle 

Certainly an eye-opening escalation on China's path to disconnect itself from the world for the firewall to target the company of a China-born founder. Zoom's market cap speaks for itself on its likelihood of survival in China— but this is a telling warning shot for talent abroad

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