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At a dirt pullout on a mountain road a few miles above Azusa, voices oh-wowed. Cameras clicked. Faces smiled, and photos and video footage immediately spread of two energetic fledglings braving their first flights.  https://lat.ms/30eT60S 

They were there to view the first time bald eagles had nested in this part of the San Gabriel Mountains in 70 years.  https://lat.ms/30eT60S 

The fledglings and their watchful parents are part of a new breed of “urban eagles” moving into Southern California and throughout the nation, displaying an unusual tolerance for the clatter and commotion of city life.  https://lat.ms/30eT60S 

But with nature’s bounty come agonizingly complex issues for wildlife authorities as these scrappy, opportunistic and highly social creatures — which all but vanished in the 1970s — return to former native lands since transformed by urban sprawl.  https://lat.ms/30eT60S 

Read more in this Column One by @LouisSahagun:  https://lat.ms/30eT60S 

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