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Here are some mushrooms named by a neural net. They may be edible. For certain definitions of edible.

These neural net mushrooms: probably not safe to eat. If you encounter them in The Simulation, avoid

Frozen Skull Vase
Wicked Trousers
The Unspeakable
Bloody Sock Puff
Wet Rot and Bleeding
Shade of the Tarantula
Cauldron of Spicy Death
Lava Bubble
Wizard Flange
Sapient Ink

Not sure what the effects of eating these neural net mushrooms would be. It might be fine?

Sticky Toms
Raspberry Fartrover
Bartram’s Big Got To Grab You
Raging Snot
Blubber Gingham
Spherical Sockbox
Spooky Piglet
Puny Bubble
Fluffy Trousers

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