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led the hunt for Russian political disinformation on Facebook after the 2016 US election. Now he’s talking at #EmTechMIT about election tampering in South Africa and Taiwan. Here’s a previous conversation we had with the former Facebook CSO. 

And here’s some more of our reporting involving @alexstamos. #EmTechMIT 

is talking about this op-ed and what it means at #EmTechMIT 

"The idea that it’s just the Russians getting involved in US elections, especially because we haven’t added deterrents, is false," says @alexstamos at #EmTechMIT. "Unfortunately, it’s quite possible our elections become the world cup of hacking." 🏆

"What would happen today if @KamalaHarris's emails were dumped out to supporters of @TulsiGabbard? How would the media handle it? In that case, we’re no better than we were in 2016," says @alexstamos, bringing up Russia's GRU attack. #EmTechMIT

"Our base vulnerability to that pushing of real facts with a spun narrative is our real problem" in 2020, says @alexstamos at #EmTechMIT.

“If biometrics are 95 percent good, that’s 90 percent better than passwords” - @alexstamos at #EmTechMIT. 😂

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