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There’s a race use satellites to bring internet to the world. @greg_wyler wants this service to also be affordable. #EmTechMIT 

But before we talk about costs, we have to talk about logistics. #EmTechMIT 

And more logistics. #EmTechMIT 

This is the near-miss @greg_wyler is referring to at #EmTechMIT. 

And here's our analysis of the underlying issue. #EmTechMIT

We can't keep relying on the US Air Force to be the world’s space traffic cop. 

"In the public's eye, the number of satellites make the company. It might not be the best architecture, but🤷‍♂️" - @greg_wyler #EmTechMIT

.@greg_wyler just compared satellite propulsion to a hippopotamus on ice skates. ⛸️ #EmTechMIT

Continuing this discussion is Chirag Parikh, the director of @NGA_GEOINT. #EmTechMIT

An attendee asked it. Do you think a Space Force is necessary?

Here's a parting satellite read for you. 👁️#EmTechMIT 

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