Seth Abramson @SethAbramson @Newsweek columnist. Analyses @BBC. NYT bestselling author of Proof of Conspiracy ( Next: Citizen Journalist (Macmillan). Professor. Attorney. Sep. 19, 2019 1 min read

In January 2017, when the BBC reported that—*per the CIA*—the Kremlin had multiple compromising tapes of Trump from Moscow in 2013 (and other dates/locations), Trump's response was: he *knew* he was being watched in 2013, so he wouldn't have done anything.

Lying then, lying now.

1/ The man who publicly said "Russia, if you're listening"; who held secret meetings with Putin whose notes he destroyed; who refuses to follow national security protocol as to phone use—is not a man who's *ever* being careful about national security. He has a long history here.

2/ Trump has go-to excuses when he's lying, and he's using a golden oldie now: I wouldn't have done anything wrong because a normal person would know that they're being watched and not do anything wrong.

The twist: he's not normal, has never been, and acts how he wants—whenever.

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