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I didn’t think any company could fuck up verification harder than Twitter, so congratulations to YouTube 

1. If you've verified people's identifies, do not un-verify them without cause. This reduces trust in the whole system
2. Introducing different verification icons for different types of creator, such as🎵 for musical artists, will create vastly MORE confusion in the system

3. There are now going to be Congressional hearings about why YouTube un-verified a bunch of pro-life and pro-gun channels and my brain has pre-exploded just thinking about it

4. Twitter's current verification policy, which is that it doesn't verify people any more except for sometimes when it wants to, is STILL better than the new YouTube policy

5. CORRECTION: YouTube is NOT introducing multiple verification badges as I thought. Instead it is giving verified accounts this muted gray .... thing

6. Apparently until recently YouTube had been 'verifying' any account that hit 100,000 subscribers, even if it hadn't, uh, verified their identity. So today's mess is a consequence of the previous mess

7. YouTube has now totally reversed course and made all the changes I suggested in this thread. So, good on YouTube 

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