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The iPhone 11 performs as advertised on the Speedometer 2.0 JavaScript test with a score of 150. That’s exactly 20% more than the XS. Matching the iPad Pro. And almost THREE times faster than the latest Snapdragon 855. (Thanks @LaurenGoode for testing ❤️).

It’s also more than 20% faster than my 10-core iMac Pro! And ditto for the MacBook Pro. The Apple chip team is once again simply trouncing everyone else in the industry. The best Android chip continues to be about 3 years behind Apple on this test. Astounding.

Also interesting: This doesn’t seem to be about which JavaScript engine you run. Chrome and Safari hit exactly the same 125 on my iMac Pro running latest release of both and OSX. This really is all down to Apple’s insane chip power.

Which brings us to another point: Apple phones are now faster at dealing with the web than any desktop or laptop computer that Apple sells. Think about that! You have to remember to take care of slow computers (and Androids!), not apple phones, when designing for the web 🤯

And it doesn’t seem like Apple is close to hitting any walls. Next year they’re rumored to go to 5nm chips. So a few more years of 20-30% y/y improvements doesn’t seem out of the question. And every jump just makes Intel (and Android chip makers) look ever more silly.

Finally, look at how slowly Qualcomm is improving. The Snapdragon 845 in the S9 scored a 56 against the latest 855 in the One Plus 7 Pro with 64. That’s a 14% y/y improvement. If that’s the constant rate of improvement, it’ll be 2025 before they have a chip to match the A13 😂

Actually, given how poorly flagship Snapdragon chips perform for the web, I’m actually really curious what mid-tier or low-end Android phones are like? Anyone has some Motorola mid tier $300-400 phones they could test with?  https://browserbench.org/Speedometer2.0/ 

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