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I've been critical of @joswinson and the @LibDems for their anti-cooperative language, now it's @EmilyThornberry and @UKLabour 's turn.

This is absurd & dangerous. The reality is that the parties will have to work together if we are to get out of this shit-show. This bodes ill.

In Brussels, MEPs are working together cross party, including the LDs and Labour. Their London parties need to take a leaf out of their MEP's books and get real rather than party-politicking while Rome burns.

I've heard lots of arguments that this stuff is just bluster, that they'll cooperate when it matters, and that it puts positive electoral distance between them.

But it poisons the well of cooperation, and undoubtedly makes it politically harder in the future.

It's likely that at some point soon the LD leadership will have to convince their activists that they now should work with the party and leader they've been attacking, and Labour will have to convince theirs that they should work with "the Taliban".

All routes out - a referendum, an election resulting in a hung Parliament (neither look like they can get a majority), a GNU - will require very close cooperation.

This petty tit-for-tat shit for short-term political gain makes that, and thus a route out, harder not easier.

Note: I'm so sick of this. Just going to mute anyone coming with "but they started it" or "how can we work with someone like x/who did x/who said x" etc.

If you think that, give up. There's no route out without proper cooperation, however much you might want there to be.

If your dislike of a person or a party is more important than stopping Brexit, you're merely fighting over the ashes, and over who gets prominence once we, and the entire UK, has lost.

Reminds me of the opposition parties in Belarus, viciously fighting over who should be the leader of the losing side in the next rigged election the dictator wins.


EU27 see this, and think, like me, "oh what's the bloody point. Even the pro-Europeans can't work together."

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