New Peter Thiel interview.

He talked about faith, reason, and the Enlightenment.

My notes below. 

The will vs. the intellect:

“You can distinguish the intellect and the will. The medievals believed in the weakness of the will but the power of the intellect. Modern people tend to believe in the power of the will and the weakness of the intellect.”

The Enlightenment:

“The enlightenment says that everybody in the middle of the crisis sits down, has a nice legal chat, and draws up a social contract.... that’s the founding myth — the central lie — of the Enlightenment. Girard says something very different must have happened.”

Artificial Intelligence:

The mania we have around artificial intelligence is that it stands for the proposition that humans aren’t supposed to think. We want the machines to do the thinking... we don’t trust rationality.”

Faith and reason:

“You don’t want faith to be unreasonable, and you don’t want it to be reasonable because then you could just use reason, so it’s a complicated question of how you get faith and reason to work together.”


“We always have to go back to intellect, mind, and rationality as core values.”


“We don’t trust people’s ability to think through things at all anymore in the 21st century.”

I wrote a 15,000 word essay about Thiel.

It provides context for many of the quotes above.

The essay is about Thiel’s religious and philosophical influences. 

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