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This by @JenaFriedman is so good...

"Women we don’t watch true crime, we study it to make sure we don’t end up on it."

"True crime is also feminist, it’s the only time the industry will take a chance on an unknown female lead."

2. "If Ted Bundy were alive today, he'd be on his third Netflix special. It would be his apology tour. And he'd be traveling around the country being like, 'When my friends and I realized it was wrong to kill women, we felt so bad about it."

@JenaFriedman is so good

3. "I love men, one of my best friends is a man. I’m actually half man…on my dad’s side."

“If I’m walking down the street, and I see a group of businessmen, I don’t know what the term is…a fraud?"

lmaooo @JenaFriedman

4. "I feel bad for World War II vets who can no longer talk about politics at the Thanksgiving table because their grandkids are Nazis . It’s like ‘Grandpa don’t talk liberating Auschwitz, you’ll upset Trevor.'"


5. Re Charlottesville: “Guys dressed like dads who lost custody of their kids. Prancing around a college they couldn’t get into”

"David Duke is hard to spot with all the plastic surgery. You’d think for a white supremacist he’d be more comfortable in his own skin"


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