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PROOF OF CONSPIRACY is the essential guide to today's news; it offers info every voter needs.

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✅ NYT, WSJ, USA Today, Publishers Weekly Bestseller
✅ Amazon, Audible, B&N, iTunes Bestseller
✅ "Urgent" —Kirkus
✅ "Terrifying" —B&N 

1/ I don't say the above lightly. In the last two weeks, I've been inundated with messages—via every medium—from PROOF OF CONSPIRACY readers saying the book helped them understand breaking news about (variously) Epstein, MBS, Netanyahu, Ukraine, Iran... basically *all* the news.

2/ I've been working on a memoir for a couple years now, and you'll never hear me say—here on Twitter or anywhere else—that my memoir (or nearly anyone's) is essential reading for U.S. voters. So when I say this about PROOF OF CONSPIRACY, it's because it's fully, *provably* true.

3/ Just so you won't think I'm speaking loosely on such an important topic, here's the most recent review the book has gotten:

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