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Guys. "The Scandal" is not about Ukraine; that's just the last, dummest talking point these idiots have, one they tie to Biden.

What Trump's done is on behalf of Transnational Organized Crime.

When you explore all the putrid tunnels and caves and wiring and supposedly-secret communications and banking and influence find only two teams.

Rule of Law > Global Mob.

The two teams have flavors. On one side, Aussie patriots, Austrian patriots, UK lovers of law, French partisans of the Enlightenment, Chinese martyrs for democracy, Iranians who see their magnificent history.

On the other, drugs, guns, misery: profit.

It's like a diamond, a fractal, light and darkness split into different colors and shades and intensities.

When you look through either, you see all the complexity, and it all leads back to The Two. Rule of Law > Global Mob.

When you look at Transnational Organized Crime long enough, you will see an unmistakable pattern, and it's *everywhere.*

Profit from misery: slavery, depravity, violence, chaos, authoritarianism, lawlessness, control, mistrust.

When you look at liberal, rule-of-law based nations, you will see an unmistakeable pattern, and it's *everywhere.*

Law over brutality: Reason, forbearance, selflessness, social responsibility, kindness, accountability, autonomy, the ties that bind neighbor to neighbor.

Look at the Global Mob, and the same names come up, the same activities: Cocaine, Russia, meth, Cuba, money laundering, Malaysia, intelligence Ops, Saudi Arabia, sex trafficking.

It's all part of the same team, one that exploited our love of freedom and knowledge and light.

Look at the Rule of Law, and the same names come up, the same devotion: Accountability, duty, honor, justice, respect, dignity, self-determination, the past, the future, all exhorted by higher powers, not one left out.

Sometimes, country names exude that. Others falter.

We can assign terms and categories, for sure: Trump is a Queens Mobster, a front for the Genovese crime family, a Russia mafia patsy, a Putin puppet...

...but mostly, a representative of Transnational Organized Crime.

That's why this "white supremacist" gladly does business with Muslims, Latinos, anybody that has money.

Anybody who will pay the vig so he can pay the vig to his bosses.

You know, like *every single transnational Mobster out there* big and small.

And they are all - from MbS to the Malaysians behind 1MDB to the human traffickers who staff the nail salon to Duterte and many more, the same.

And so too are the forces of the Rule of Law.

For those who adhere to the Rule of Law, money is a tool, not an end, certainly not one that ennobles or empowers.

Truth is far more potent than thuggery.

Profit from misery is to be smashed, even at the expense of one's self.

The Rule of Law recruits, not to bolster its ranks to dominate others, but to gather strength and resolve to free more people - more to flock to the cause of freeing yet more.

The Rule of Law exists to extend respect and dignity to the downtrodden, to lift up cities and states and nations and their people to long-forgotten or undiscovered enlightenment.

The Rule of Law exists even if nobody powerful can support it; it is a truth, self-evident.

And thus, we are not fighting Trump or Putin or the political party we find least tasteful.

We are light shining into dark, righteous and inevitable.

We are met on that battlefield.

Be not confused. Know the cheap subterfuge of our enemies. Forget the names and caricatures. Remember the self-evident principles.

This is about light. You are light. It was given to you before you were born.

Remember it. And forget the rest.


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