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Do people REALIZE that EVERY TIME Trump tweeted "the collusion was by the Democrats" and said Clinton should go to "prison" for it he was referring to a claim...

(wait for the *sweet sweet* irony)

...that Clinton secretly tried to get Ukraine to investigate her political rival?

1/ The ENTIRE "SPYGATE" CONSPIRACY THEORY that Trump and his cronies have been obsessed with for three years now REVOLVES around the idea that it would be criminal, impeachable, *and* a national security threat to secretly try to convince Ukraine to investigate a political rival.

2/ Trump has LITERALLY already spoken, maybe HUNDREDS of times, on how illegal he thinks it'd be if a politician tried to use Ukraine to investigate a political rival. And (best part!) he wasn't even accusing Clinton of doing it *directly*, and STILL said she should go to prison!

3/ So why are we even discussing the possibility that—if these allegations are true—Trump WOULDN'T be impeached (a punishment far *less* than imprisonment)? Jesus, just hoist this guy on his own petard (and literally scores of tweets about Clinton's Ukraine "collusion") already!

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