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When you read the inevitable pieces about how the younger generations aren't accepting the morals and values of the older generations, you'd better remember that we made them fight us for their lives rather than risk our property values.

They'll remember

Do you expect younger generations to listen to our wisdom, follow our traditions, hew to our values?

As for myself, if we don't start fighting for them as a first priority, regardless of cost, I don't even expect them to attend our funerals.

Greta Thunberg is an inspirational figure, and a familiar one: one who rises to meet a desperate need, while others with more resources and experience won't.

The unlikely hero. Inspirational.

But it requires well-equipped, experienced cowards forcing the unlikely hero to action

David is the hero of the David and Goliath story.

Goliath isn't the villain, really. He's the challenge.

The villain is the king and army of grown trained soldiers, afraid to fight the giant, their cowardice revealed by a shepherd boy.

That's us.

What ARE our values, anyway?

Maybe the question we need to ask ourselves, all of us, as we watch children meet the challenge that we—cowardly, lazy, greedy—won't meet, is this:

When the hell are we going to grow up?

Our children and grandchildren are doing our job now.

Really: When are we going grow up?

Do you think our children, hearing us talk about the importance of preserving "our way of life," don't notice the way doing so threatens their lives?

They do.

Our guns more important than their safety.

Our comfort more important than their futures.

Our wealth more important than their lives.

Or: our uncomplicated relationships with those who feel that way more important than necessary confrontation.

When are we going to grow up?

So by all means, cheer on Greta Thunberg and the climate strikers she inspired—she's earned our praise.

But ask yourself: to what extent am I cheering because I'm relieved someone else is doing my job?

To ask that is, I think, to begin the process of growing up.

You can always tell when the adults are being children.

It's when the children start acting like the adults.

Let's all grow up.



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