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About 50 reviews through 300 YC applications submitted for comment.

Surprising how unaware people are of competition. Yes, you don't die by competition, but when you make something new, you should be hyper-aware of what Google might tell people to use instead of you.

2nd most common mistake: Describing what a startup does, but failing to communicate why it’s a great product/service.

New things must massively outperform incumbents just to have a chance at escaping obscurity.

Step 1 - What is it?
Step 2 - Is it great?

3rd most common mistake: Not highlighting the product, design, and what’s built

The majority of YC apps are still basically just an idea and a bunch of words. If you have a demo, wireframes, mockups, a working site, DEFINITELY link it and drive people to it.

Makes a big diff

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