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You want to know how bad the Trump Bot problem is. Go to @realDonaldTrump click on his followers. Scroll down a bit past mutual follows and some verified accounts. Then you hit the motherload. Bot after Bot after Bot. No Bio, Zero or 1 Tweet, No Followers Bots. It is endless.

These aren’t the hard to see need to take a close look at type. These aren’t the Gee I wonder if Twitter knows they are there type. These are the “My grandmother that doesn’t use Social Media could spot them type”

So a President that spreads hate, enlists foreign countries to hack our Elections, is destroying our planet and our health just remember there is a Social Media Platform that not only helped get him elected but they also are helping stay in power and helping him amplify his crazy

They know which account are fake. They choose to not act. Let me be clear Not acting is indeed an action. It is a conscious decision to let the platform be gamed. Trump is allowed to use this platform daily in ways the rest of us would be banned for.

In a time where we are looking for heroes those behind Social Media have chosen to be the opposite. Whether it is the GOP that enable Trump or Social Media that at the very least has chosen profits over country I say this.

Pendulums swing both ways. It is starting to swing back our way and when it does we will remember all of you. We will Vote out every last GOP that sold us out and we will find platforms that actually have a moral compass.

Asterisks are easy to print there are more than enough for all of you.

We will remember. We won’t let ourselves get here again.

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