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"We were going to fight our adversaries, but they haven't given us permission yet."

If we're able to take power back from the Republicans, we have to exclusively do things all Republicans will oppose. We're going to have to do this as a matter of basic survival. They favor only murdering us for cash.

We'd better get used to doing things Republicans hate now.

Anyone who still wants bipartisanship needs to go.

The opposition's set their goals: white supremacy, fascistic opposition to democracy itself, environmental catastrophe, religious authoritarianism, anti-science, journalism, education, and knowledge, greed.

No bipartisanship.

Show the people an opposition that will actually fight.

For god's sake, give them something to rally around.

The people eager for the wall, the boot on the neck, the dismembered journalist, the concentration camp? They have someone who'll fight for them.

They're rallying.

I don't want a single Republican vote for anything. I'd be embarrassed to support anything a Republican would vote for.

I want to push them into the ocean.

I want to do it so we can keep them from pushing the ocean into us.

The main result of people of good intention refusing to oppose people of bad intention is this: people of bad intention learn they won't be opposed.

Can't win that battle when you've surrendered the war.

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