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“[This initiative] aims to foster a better business environment in support of Hangzhou-based enterprises. The government representative will function as a bridge to the private sector, and will not interfere with the company’s operations” —Alibaba  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-alibaba-china-party/china-to-send-state-officials-to-100-private-firms-including-alibaba-idUSKBN1W80DO 

At this point, it's honestly just impressive how quickly a country the size of China can shift on its axis to reclaim control and influence of enterprise. The fears of CCP influence were largely conspiracies & fears just a few years ago.

It's becoming eerily easy to believe, and prove, that many Chinese companies are actually filling roles once reserved for government agencies and the intelligence community. The same could not be said w/ public information available just months ago.

This isn't to say China is alone, in history, or today — but the breadth might be unique. In 1974, the CIA raised a Russian submarine from the ocean floor using a Howard Hughes front corporation. For AT&T, the telephone exchange at 33 Thomas Street changed forever post-Snowden.

This context hits the nail on the head.

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