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You: Wow! Trump's guilty! He should be impeached

Me: What's the point, Republicans will never remove

You: So expose their complicity

Me: That'll backfire

You: Democrats really need to find some courage


You: Uh.


Make them face an impeachment vote and own their support for a clearly lawless and unpopular president, after a full televised proceeding detailing his crimes that’s dominated the news cycle for months.

Or make no response, lending veracity to Trump’s lie he did nothing wrong.

The learned helplessness here is simply astounding.

What then is the House impeaches McConnell for obstruction and contempt, and starts to investigate his own ties to all this.

We have to stop letting the Republican party off the hook, and using the potential for them continuing their lawless behavior as a reason to not confront them for the lawless behavior.

Bloody hell, people, fighting this mess is actually going to involve fighting it, you know.

The only thing necessary for for the success of this election is for good men to do nothing, apparently.

Which makes sense, because you know what *really* impresses voters? Inaction.

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