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My ex-employer being being economical with the truth here.

EU citizens had the right to live and work in the UK in what they thought was perpetuity.

Pre-settled status means reapplying yet again for Settled Status in the future.

This doesn’t answer the “myth” at all.

A declaratory system would remove the stress, fear and uncertainty, would not require a mountain of evidence to be provided, and end the near constant flow of wrong results due to application errors.

Indeed, there are few outright refusals, but there are people getting pre-settled status who should be getting settled status.

When I was at UKREP, my colleagues knew the difference between correlation and causality.

Sad to see UKREP denying the actual experience of many of the @the3million.

Also equally sad to see UKRep trying to pass blame for the plight of @BritishInEurope to the EU27 countries we live in.

None of them used Citizens’ rights as a bargaining chip. None of them threatened their own population and citizens with no deal. None of them ripped up the WA.

UKRep, as civil servants and Diplomats must implement the policies of their political masters in Government.

This does not however extend to promoting untruths or bending history to suit them.

More in this thread:

Note: I have never, ever been critical of @ukineu. They’ve had a literally impossible job to do, for ministers largely immune to reason or reality.

This is really bad though.

Excellent thread by the experts:

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