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If Joe diGenova escapes jailtime at the end of all this I will be mightily impressed by his wile. First he aids rogue FBI agents in leaking to the media a month before the 2016 election, then he begins secretly advising Trump, now he's advising Ukrainians. 

1/ Trump's band of rogues is actually fairly small; its small "attorney" contingent (quotes intentional) includes diGenova, Giuliani, Cohen, Garten, and Weisselberg, as well as occasional Trump-prompted unethical conduct by otherwise above-board legal counsel like John Dowd.

2/ There's a good reason the same lawyers appear again and again: it's because Trump's entire political career is an ongoing crime spree, and any self-respecting attorney would want absolutely nothing to do with it. So Trump has to keep going back to the same poisoned legal well.

3/ I hesitate to add an otherwise obvious name to Trump's gallery of legal rogues—Jay Sekulow—as it offends me, as a lawyer, to consider him part of the profession. I consider him to be someone who plays a lawyer on TV (when he's not tampering with federal witnesses, like Cohen).

4/ But my point is this: when you see certain names (like diGenova, like Giuliani, like—frankly—Barr) associated with a Trump-related event, you can be sure that an *enormous* amount of investigative heat and light should be directed to whatever transaction they're involved with.

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