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NEW: Manhattan D.A. Vance files memo opposing Trump's bid to quash his subpoenas, and the section of an accompanying declaration describing the grand jury investigation is entirely redacted. cc: @CourthouseNews


In the memo, Vance's assistants slam the notion that the "President enjoys not only a blanket immunity fro criminal prosecution," but also "routine, lawful grand jury request for information" extending to "any person or entity who happened to be associated" with him, and so on.

The memo mocks attempts to "invent" a "new presidential 'tax return privilege.'"

Citing fact that every U.S. president since Jimmy Carter voluntarily disclosed them, the Assistant DAs write: "Again, there is no 'immunity from scrutiny' of this sort in the law."

Interesting tidbit:

Before fighting the subpoenas, the Trump Organization complied with the grand jury probe—turning over 3,376 pages of records, per court docs.

But no tax returns, Vance says.

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