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There's a lot of hysteria & conclusion-jumping surrounding this. There are real questions of market consolidation, but the truth is that CTRL-Labs couldn't commercialize this alone. I applaud Reality Labs; its bets are Facebook's only true value creation.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-23/facebook-to-buy-startup-for-controlling-computers-with-your-mind 

The tech has a long way to go, but it may actually live up to the Myo Armband hype. It doesn't 'read your mind,' but rather amplifies and interprets its silent output, both capturing your movement, and listening for priming signals so you don't have to.

It's a new kind of control vector, one that we haven't experienced yet. It can be valuable passively, tracking gestures, and movements, but its real value is in active control — in that, it's not reading your mind at all. It's giving you a new conscious output, a new limb.

Whether it's Facebook through Reality Labs or the Oculus group, or Apple, this technology is coming down the pipeline. Millions now wear Electrocardiograms on their wrist, the first foray into tapping into our invisible humanity & gifting us new powers.

Today, Facebook and all of the AR players alike are experimenting with smart rings as an active control proxy for wearable devices. That is likely to be the first paradigm to arrive — but these new technologies present brighter, deeply engrained futures.

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