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A clarification I want to make for those saying that of course Trump is closer now to impeachment than ever before because what he did with Ukraine is the worst thing he's done

What Trump did with Ukraine was very bad but is absolutely nowhere close to the worst thing he's done

1/ This is a man who secretly set his Russia policy with the assistance of a friend of Putin while he was secretly negotiating a multibillion-dollar real estate deal with Putin and lied to America about it everyday by pretending his foreign policy was based on America's interests

2/ This is a man who raped a woman and is as of this moment facing 20+ allegations of sexual assault or harassment that not a single member of his party has ever cared about despite all of them (including the rape) being well-corroborated and utterly horrifying

3/ This is a man who cheated on his wife while she was pregnant with a son he'd later describe like a stranger and then paid off the multiple women he cheated on his wife with as part of a federal criminal conspiracy he then lied to America about repeatedly pre- and post-election

4/ This is a man who has spent literally decades committing felony fraud and theft in his dealings with scores of middle-class independent contractors, gleefully putting them out of business and destroying their lives if they dared to ask him for full payment for their services

5/ This is a man who illegally colluded with 6 nations pre-election (Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt), lying to American voters literally hundreds of times pre-election on everything from meetings to advisers to business interests to foreign policy plans

6/ This is a man who repeatedly brazenly threatened US national security by giving classified intel to our enemies publicly and privately for no reason other than he wanted to brag about how much information he had, even if doing so threatened the lives of members of the military

7/ This is a man who threatened rule of law by waging a full-scale war against federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies and the lifelong public servants who work for them, for no reason other than that these officials dared to investigate his high crimes and misdemeanors

8/ So while I think it's great that many Americans have suddenly awoken to the fact that this man is a career criminal and a clear and present danger to America's national security, let's stop pretending that somehow engaging in bribery/extortion with Ukraine is his first bad act

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