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Randall, I expect the Trump-FOX-GOP to seize the opportunity to use a Senate trial to "completely exonerate" the president.

The GOP controls the Senate.
Trump owns the GOP.

Besides, Trump's not afraid of a trial.
Because he's not afraid of facts.

He makes up his own facts. . .

. . .The GOP faithful will believe every word.
The GOP leadership will pretend to believe every word.

The GOP Senators will make impassioned speeches about how the real villains are the Deep State Operators out to get the Poor Victim Trump . . .

. . . and the how Biden is the corrupt one.

A Trial will be the Greatest Trump Show. All Trump All the Time, Every Channel.

At the climactic moment, the Senate will vote to acquit.

Trump will do a victory lap.

The script is written.
Trump wouldn't miss it for the world.

Meg, I agree.

The good news: I don't think a Senate trial will change much, and the numbers are terrible for Trump.

I like the 538 polling aggregate because Nate Silver is brilliant and the aggregate prevent us from focusing on outlying polls. . .

. . . not much has changed in Trump's numbers since 2017.

With these numbers⤵️ 2020 will be a bloodbath for the GOP.

I just don't understand why people think Trump wouldn't welcome a trial, so he can play to his base.

Polling aggregate here:  https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/?ex_cid=rrpromo 

I go back and forth.

Sometimes I think there must be evidence so damning—like evidence that Trump would be a poor man if not propped up by Russian money—that would cause the GOP to abandon him.

Other times I think nope, Trump owns the GOP till death.

Mike, I expect the Senate trial will have lots of GOP grandstanding.

Why? Because I watched the Mueller hearing, the Cohen testimony, and the Lewandowski hearings.

I also expect Trump and the GOP to lose big in 2020, and for Democracy to survive.

I think one danger is unrealistic expectations that there is an easy fix to the problems.

Democracy will survive if enough people want it too. That's why I keep posting my list.

You've seen my list, right?

I'll put it in the next tweet.

My list:

Even if the Senate removes Trump from office, we'd have President Pence. I don't think you'll be happy with that, either.

It's a long uphill climb. Everyone needs to get busy.⤵️

(I'm doing volunteer voter protection legal work)

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