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Boston Dynamics just launched the Spot robot family, their first commercial product.  http://bostondynamics.com/spot 

The Verge also just dropped an embargoed launch video and hands on with Spot  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmNaLtC6vkU 

Also Atlas will kill us all

It's worth noting that Unitree's Laikago beat Boston Dynamics to market. It's far less capable, but it really did break out of the gate first — despite being the Chinese clone.

I'd be fine with it if Masa's demo dogs just smashed eliminate.exe and ran me over

It will be so cool to finally see these things in the wild. What Boston Dynamics built in those little buildings in Waltham feels like the first telltale sign of FUTURE for my lifetime. I'm grateful to have to have watched & memed-on this paradigm shift.

release👏the👏bois👏 @bostondynamics

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