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My advise over the upcoming months with the Impeachment Inquiry is to know what is coming at us. These networks of Bots and Trolls have been built and have been waiting for this. You don’t need to spend any real time analyzing. It will be obvious. You know what it looks like.

Report and Block and by all means don’t engage. They want us to engage. They want to slow down our work and messaging. Support real news. Real research. Retweets are your weapon. Keep the Real News trending.

Accounts that we have seen for a long time in our timelines are going to flip. That was the plan. Remove emotions and just Report and Block.

As things get worse keep messaging the Platform to do the right thing. They are going to be making a critical decision soon. Either they are going to cut their loses and do the right thing or they are going stay all in regardless of what happens. Don’t make it easy for them.

We are all we have. We are all we need. Let’s do this.

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