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Hi, @shaunking,

You say you don't understand.

Do you want to try?

The rules and procedures are complex, and understanding them takes time, but I think it's worth it.

I have a thread of threads, which I will include in the next tweet.

Start here:

Impeachment is both a legal procedure and a political one.
This is part of what makes is so complex.

The framers of the Constitution considered giving the powers of impeachment to the judiciary branch, which makes some sense . . .

. . . impeachment is a legal proceeding. The judicial branch handles legal matters.

Instead, the framers gave the power to Congress, elected representatives who answer to constituents, who also happen to include all Americans.

This transforms . . .

. . . a legal proceeding into a proceeding that is both legal and political.

So in addition to Constitutional constraints and House rules and procedures, lawmakers must also take into account political considerations.

So it's complicated.

Here you go:

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