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A thread of breathtaking passages from Ken Liu’s The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species.

“It is said by some that writing is just visible speech. But we know such views are parochial.”

“The Allatians believe that they have a writing system superior to all others. Unlike books written in alphabets, syllabaries, or logograms, an Allatian books capture tone, voice, inflection, emphasis, intonation, rhythm.

It is simultaneously a score and a recording.”

“The Quatzoli do not believe that thinking and writing are different things at all.

They are a race of mechanical beings, themselves books. Each carries within its stone brain a written record of the accumulated wisdom of all its ancestors.”

“The Tull-Toks claim that everything in the universe can be read. Each star is a living text, each planet contains a poem, written out in the bleak, jagged, staccato rhythm of bare rocky cores or the lyrical, lingering, rich rhymes of swirling gas giants.”

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