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In 2009, the ex-wife of the Orlando cop fired for arresting two 6-year-old children went to the PD begging them for help because he was sending her threatening and demeaning messages. It's just one of 16 citizen complaints made against him. 

Turner was also accused of racially profiling a woman in 2015 while responding to an incident at her work, by asking her if she was related to Saddam Hussein because her last name sounded the same. She asked him if he was racially profiling her. He replied yes, that's what we do.

At the time he had his hand on his gun. In an interview with his sergeant, Turner "confirmed everything she stated was true but it was done in a joking and laughing manner," according to his sergeant's notes.

When he was arrested for child abuse for beating his own son, prosecutors allowed him to enter a pre-trial diversion program, upon completion of which they dropped the case. The PD suspended him for 16 hours for violating departmental policy by disobeying state and federal laws.

None of this record prevented him being assigned to patrol a school.

This case is extraordinary in that two six-year-old children were arrested, but this cop's record is not so extraordinary that it stopped him from being appointed to this position.

There are plenty of cops out there patrolling schools with similar records. This information was public (it's not always). Harnessing that information can be the beginning of effecting change.

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