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As a maker, one thing I learned about building and launching new apps, is to build in monetization from day 1.

The best thing you can do, is to add a price point right on your landing page. Above the fold. Before the product is even built or launched.

Then, ensure billing is actually set up and you are able to charge your users from the launch day.

As an solo maker, it's tempting to postpone implementing billing. Because you are naturally more excited to build the core features of the app.

However delayed putting a price on your product and ability to charge from day one is a mistake. Here is why:

Price anchoring is crucial.

Signaling that your product is not free from the first time someone sees it, sets 100% different expectations and attitude from your users.

It's incredibly hard to start charging money for something people thought was free. "Hard" means people will be angry because that's not the expectations you've set.

If you are planning to eventually start charging for your product — put some price on it day 1

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