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Always thought Brexit was the ultimate long-con, but the greatest con of all must be convincing large swathes of the population that wealthy, amoral Eton old-boys, born into privilege and supported by billionaires, are not only not ‘the Elite’, but are in some way anti-Elite.

Of all the misdirections and lies, the idea that they give the slightest shit for the lives of normal people in Sunderland, Stirling, or Scunthorpe, let alone that they are somehow on their side against an establishment, is the one I’m most disappointed anyone’s bought.

I came from a poor single-parent family, went to a comp, got a scholarship to a local grammar school we could never have afforded, and, eventually, ended up a mid-ranking civil servant. This is a typical story for a civil servant, not a remotely unusual one.

They don’t hate, look-down on, and blame people like me because I am (or was, I’m just a guitar player now) “the Establishment”. They do that because they think people like me (and you) have no business being or even trying to be admitted to the world that’s their’s by right.

Just at the point that there were signs of the stupid English class system gradually breaking down, those that are most harmed by it have swallowed this awful lie and re-embedded it into society and politics.

What a sad and damaging own goal.

puts this all much better in this thread:

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