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Oh no now we'll lose the votes of people who just spent three days attacking a teenage girl for the grave crime of wanting a livable world.

What will we do now that we've upset the red hats, oh no. The New York Times will have to deploy an army of reporters to every Indiana diner, think of all the eggs that will have to be scrambled while the patrons are interviewed, won't somebody think of all the eggs.

Oh no, this impeachment inquiry has been made official, ending our beautiful dream of bipartisan unity with people who cheer for shooting asylum seekers at the border and putting their children into camps without toiletries or medicine.

What if they don't vote with us now.

And me left holding 100 thousand I'LL LET YOU FUCK MY FEELINGS IF THEY BOTHER YOU t-shirts with CIVILITY written across the back, do you realize how much more it costs to write front and back, do you.

Because it's a lot.

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