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"This is the police open up."

Alexa Ring: "Credit or debit?"

I'm convinced we think about and criticize fictional dystopias more than the disturbing realities playing out in front us. States should be regulating warrantless access to mesh cameras far more aggressively than the facial recognition that sits atop them.  https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/24/20881865/amazon-ring-experiment-test-911-call-law-enforcement-nearby-cameras 

Boston Dynamics builds a dumber robotic dog: THE apOcaLyPSE Is here, wE are DEAD, bAn tHEM

Snowden yells about metadata: OH OKaY

Ring builds 24/7 surveillance network hidden in their ToS that sells everyone's doorbell video feeds for pennies: sHUt UP I'M WATching BlAck miRroR

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