Charity Majors+ Your Authors @mipsytipsy cofounder/CTO @honeycombio, co-wrote Database Reliability Engineering, loves whiskey, rainbows, and Friday deploys. I test in production and so do you. 🌈 Sep. 26, 2019 1 min read + Your Authors

Everyone told us this was a solved problem, a crowded space, we'd never get traction. Thanks for proving them wrong. 🐝❤️ 

Huge thanks to @allspaw, whose blog post "an open letter to all monitoring/metrics/alerting companies" I left open in a tab for two full years. 

and huge thanks to our first customers at @nylas, @superhuman, @tapjoy and @intercom. It takes a special kind of crazy to roll the dice on a new tool and team; I will love you kittens forever. 📈🐝

(with very special mentions to @spang, who dared to jump first, and @jjosler, who was the only person on the internet searching for "high cardinality debugging tool" back in 2016)

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