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The New York Times just revealed details about the whistleblower moments after Trump is making veiled threats. Not only is the paper unethical, it's a national security risk.

Not content to spread propaganda that impacted a U.S. election, it's now attempting to chill whistleblowers who could expose traitors.


Not only did the editors refuse to search *their own archives* to show Trump was a front for the mafia, now they're actively exposing patriots warning us about treason - moments after Congressional hearings ALL ABOUT WHISTLEBLOWER PROTECTION conclude.

Not content to call a front for Russian intelligence a member of the American free press or go along with Russia's information Ops in 2016, now they're aiming directly at threatening the men and women of the Intelligence Community. 

We are now beyond simple press incompetence or even malfeasance where they misreport story after story about national security. We're beyond Snowden fanboy PR shilling.

Now we're at doxxing whistleblowers when more may have been ready to come forward. Active. Measures.

As of this morning, the Inspector General would have made sure that EVEN THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE would be deprived clues as to the identity of the whistleblower.

And the New York Times DIRECTLY inserts itself into an ongoing counterintelligence investigation.

Let’s put a fine point on this: the NYT isn’t just interfering with a national security investigation - it’s interfering in Trump’s impeachment that officially started mere days ago.

House Intel is one of six committees investigating Trump for impeachment. Whistleblowers are providing evidence that could be used at trial.

Revealing the identities of whistleblowers, whether they consented or not, allows the Republican Party to drive the narrative of the “deep state“ illicitly “taking down Trump.”

It harms legitimate democratic processes.

That this story was timed within minutes of the conclusion of a Congressional hearing means the research, writing, and editing happen CONCURRENTLY WITH HOUSE INTEL EFFORTS.

The NYT needs to explain itself at long last.

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