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Many have told me they wish to leave the EU to teach the Brexiteers a lesson through loss. I think we have had enough loss, Britain has endured enough through austerity, successive malignant governments, ignorance, stigma, discrimination, war, hate, poverty and illness.

What makes us great are the reprieves between the losses, the empathy and connections, the underdogs who leave their mark, those downtrodden by aristocracy and macabre rule, the Alan Turings and the poor who fought, the mother who gives up her dreams to raise a child.

The greatest parts of Britain, and the world, are found in those who value purpose and each other, a unified goal in the face of uncertainty and adversity, not built of land but of shared molecules, breathing the same air, speaking the same language regardless of which form.

We, as a people, share our history and future with the rest of the world. The old wars are not for political gain, but a reminder of what we do together, regardless of boundaries. It is through shared strife that we learned to share greatness. And through greatness we hide loss.

We have already had our losses, and we continue to lose more everyday. The war against British people does not come from outside, it comes from within, it comes from the causes of our losses, that poverty, ignorance, malignant aristocracy and social hierarchies.

When I look at the clown that leads us, his contempt for law, decency and his fellow human, I do not see the brave warrior who would not surrender, I see a man who would have us lose to carry on this cycle. We may be leaving the EU, but I wish no loss on those who chose this.

I wish for one moment that 'project fear' is disastrously wrong, that the crowd tested platitudes carried weight and that our government could be trusted. We have seen the country spitting at the supreme court for ensuring sovereignty whilst Pennywise mocks it.

We have already suffered enough loss. No matter the outcome of all of this, Brexit has revealed a scarcely camouflaged schism, the schism the pain of the people, the camouflage the false enemy of the rest of the world, our fellow people.

So what is there left to lose, and what is there left to learn? What is to gained by widening the schism whilst the lords continue to laugh? What is to be great in destroying ourselves for false enemies? To lose our humanity for each other over misunderstanding?

So, put simply, I'm over this divide. Troll me, attack me, whatever, but all we do as we wall ourselves off into smaller factions if weaken who we are. I am just as guilty of it, but hope to not be in future.

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