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I would observe that someone who doesn’t want to know about something usually succeeds in not knowing about it  https://www.wsj.com/articles/everyone-in-washington-is-reading-the-whistleblower-complaint-except-senate-republicans-11569537562 

If you are a US senator and you admit that you haven’t yet read the whistleblower complaint you should be immediately fired.

No due process no nothing. Gone. It’s literally your job to read that document. No excuses.

Think about how professionally embarrassing it should be to be in the US senate and confess you haven’t read a short document showing a credible claim the president makes a habit of conspiring against his own country.

How is that an excuse they get to give?

If I worked at Arby’s and they sent out a memo that loose-meat sandwiches were now to have 3 inches of grey meatish product instead of 2 and then a secret shopper stopped by and caught me I wouldn’t get to say “oh I haven’t read the memo yet” and that’s just a disgusting sandwich

“Sorry I cannot comment on this constitutional crisis, because I—elected representative of millions, one of the world’s most powerful humans—am simply too sociopathically detached to be bothered to acquaint myself with the gist of it.”

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