Rachel Tobac @RachelTobac CEO @SocialProofSec social engineering & hacking training/pentest/workshops/keynotes | 3X @DEFCON SECTF 2nd place | Chair @WISPorg | SrUXR @coursehero | She/her Sep. 27, 2019 1 min read

A man behind me is explaining blockchain to his captive seat mate on the way back to SFO.

Should I:
A: continue to listen
B: interject something inaccurate about blockchain to divert his attention and give seat mate a break
C: pass them both some snacks to get them to talk about Biscoff cookies instead
D: other, please comment next move

Update: blockchainplaneman just exclaimed “blockchain can be used for everything, even voting — we should use that next election!” and I said quietly but firmly, without turning around, “nope read @mattblaze’s work” and blockchainplaneman is now reading on his phone (!!)

Lol what if blockchainplaneman is reading this very thread and that’s why he’s so quiet. I haven’t heard a blockchain peep in many minutes now. Hopefully, it’s because he’s deeply engrossed in election security facts and not plotting to call TSA on me for live tweeting him🤞

Blockchainplaneman if you’re reading this thread just say “dogecoin” quietly and I’ll know you saw this and we’ll become friends and talk election security instead of blockchain.

Our hero/villain (remains to be seen!) blockchainplaneman has not yet said the secret word to indicate he is now an election security scholar. Still reading on phone silently...send biscoff cookies.

If you want to educate yourself on election security like we hope blockchainplaneman is doing right now then read @mattblaze, @HarriHursti and team’s hot off the presses @defcon @VotingVillageDC report:  https://media.defcon.org/DEF%20CON%2027/voting-village-report-defcon27.pdf 

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