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I quipped a while ago that while I dislike Epic Games and their practices, I dislike some of its critics even more, and I thought I'd go into that in more detail, because seeing some discussions on former Epic exclusives that will be launching on Steam soon, it's...


I've made no bones about it that I'm not a fan of Epic exclusivity, see any of my previous threads about that. But I've always been clear that I cannot criticize any developer who takes those deals, it's a tough market and I can't fault anyone for it. I'm happy to wait.

My attitude towards indie devs taking Epic exclusive deals is; good for you, I wish you all the best, and I'll pick up your game when the exclusivity is over. I'll treat it like it was releasing in early access, and then I'll get hyped.

In fact, that's what some devs are doing too. Industries of Titan is a game I was very excited for, and they decided they'd be launching in Early Access on Epic. So that's fine, I have it wishlisted on Steam and I'll be grabbing it when it's out there! 

Hades is coming out on Steam December 10th, and hell yeah I'm buying that immediately! Shut up and take my money.

I'm hyped to say the least, and this is probably the saving grace of Epic's exclusivity; we'll still get all those games down the road. 

So when I see discussions about the likes of Hades and Ashen launching in December, I'm rather shocked by some of the vitriol being directed towards the developers by a certain vocal and incandescent with rage minority. It's quite appalling.

There's calls for boycotts of anyone who "sells out" and demands to never support them when they do release on Steam, and gleefully predicting financial ruin for indie devs, all with a derisive attitude that makes it clear they weren't interested in those games to begin with.

And I can't grasp any of that.

So much of the Epic debate is just being driven by spite, and the most aggressive, hateful portion of that is being directed towards indie devs in particular. The exact folks who'd need financial stability more than AAA publishers.

Whatever legitimacy there is in this debate, we can't deny that it's being used as an excuse for abuse and harassment wrapped in bad faith. The folks gleefully cheering for the demise of indie devs aren't interested in the games, and it's obvious.

Even if there was some legitimate point, boycotts aren't gonna work. Epic has Fortnite money, they're gonna keep doing what they're doing. The only folks who would be effected would be the individual developers. But for some, I feel like that's enough.

My attitude from the get go is that I'll wait and I'll put my money where my mouth is when the exclusivity is over. To heck with the rage mob.

Christmas is coming, I got some of that sweet sweet Twitch money, and there's some friends I think would adore a copy of Hades.

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