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RT’ed this from @rolandmcs earlier, but haven’t quite been able to get it out of my head.

It hides a very astute and wider point. Brexiters are unlikely to be satisfied with any form of Brexit, even No Deal.

No Deal means deals later. That’s a fact.

Even if small deals emerged instead of a comprehensive agreement on a future relationship, UK would need to compromise - on money, Citz rights, NI, level playing field, etc.

Why would Brexiters accept that?

Every compromise can be portrayed as capitulation or betrayal. Each EU27 condition as a stab in the back.

And that’s just mini deals. A comprehensive agreement will require not only those preconditions, but further compromises and constraints to be bound by.

So, all the things they rage against in the May deal.

Now, the same goes, obviously, for a soft EEA+CU Brexit, with the added fun of new hoover, kettle, or nail scissor regulations to come for Brexiters to go nuts over.

(Though at least that would mean dealing with that outrage in a context other than an economic shit-pile.)

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